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rotational symmetry

  • A Cylinder Shell Current and its Magnetic Field

    A rotating current distribution infinitely extended in z directionAmpère's law is hard to solve in general. What if certain symmetries of a current distribution are present? We may find much simpler differential equations which might be integrated directly. Find out what to do in rotational and translational symmetry!

  • Multipole Moments in Rotational Symmetry

    a charge distribution with rotational symmetry - schematic.In rotational symmetry, the multipole moments of a charge distribution are described by just one component per order l. This is a drastic difference to the usual 2l + 1 independent components. Get to know this simplifications with two examples and derive it for any charge distribution with rotational symmetry!

  • The Homogeneously Charged Disk: Electrostatic Potential and Electric Field

    The electrostatic potential of a ring charge can be used to calculate the field of a disk and a cylinder.To have a certain solution at hand is often useful construct another one out of it. This is the case for the electrostatic potential and field of the charged ring that can be generalized to the homogeneously charged disk and cylinder. Find out how to calculate the solutions on the axis of symmetry.