- Understand Electromagnetism!

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  • Superconductors and Their Magnetostatic Fields

    A superconducting wire expells a magnetic field.The Proca-formulation of electrodynamics allows to account for a hypothetical massive photon. This formulation lead to astonishing experiments but is formally equivalent to the London theory of superconductivity. Learn in this problem how a magnetic field is expelled from a superconductor by "massive photons".

  • The "Mass" of the Photon - Magnetic Fields in Superconductors

    a levitating superconductorIf photons had a nonvanishing mass, the electromagnetic fields would show different characteristics than those we are used to: a wavelength dependence of the speed of light, modifications of Coulomb's and Ampères law and thus different fields for charges and dipoles and so on. Find out more about the photon mass and how related theories can be used to describe superconductivity.