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The interactive FDTD toolbox for educational purposes.With the freely available interactive FDTD toolbox you can simulate and visualize the electromagnetic field in a structured material such as a photonic crystals, waveguides or investigate refraction at dielectric boundaries and diffraction in free space.

The interactive FDTD toolbox is a simulation software to model and simulate two dimensional optical systems in TE-Polarization. It is written by Sören Schmidt and written to work with MATLAB(©). It was designed for the purpose of education and learning since no further knowledge of MATLAB or computational physics is required. The software is embedded in a graphical user interface in which all the simulation parameters are defined. Geometrical structures are set via draggable forms which makes the program very intuitive and easy to use. Nonetheless the program works very efficient, accurate and reliable. Underneath, the interactive FDTD toolbox is implemented after a matrix-based algorithm according to Yee's FDTD-Method allowing easy parallelization. Perfectly matched layer (PML) boundary conditions as well as different current like sources are included. With the software you can easily create movies and save your field data. We have also prepared some tutorials that will help you to use the program, see below.

download the interactive FDTD toolbox (iFDTD) here

An example of a gaussian beam entering a prism undergoing total internal reflection made with the toolbox.


iFDTD tutorial - perfectly matched layersiFDTD tutorial - total internal reflection at a prismiFDTD tutorial - light propagation in a photonic crystal

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